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HVAC Units and Replacements by Islandaire

Islandaire is the newcomer to the through-the-wall HVAC market. The simple fact that these units have been able to establish a foothold in an industry dominated by legacy brands is a testament to the quality and flexibility of their systems. Islandaire units come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate your personal needs and the specifications of your home, making it the perfect replacement for your existing unit.

Stanley Ruth clients who choose the Islandaire models get an added bonus: we’re one of the only companies that can modify these units so they can connect to your building’s existing heating system and distribute warm air as evenly and comfortably as it does cool air.

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Islandaire’s complete features include:

  • Samples room temperature every 9 minutes to monitor and maintain the desired temperature
  • Dehumidification mode removes up to 3.2 points of humidity per hour
  • Room Freeze Protection feature automatically initiates heat if room temperature falls below 40 degrees
Every new through-the-wall HVAC unit Stanley Ruth sells is covered by a 1-year warranty covering all parts and labor. Once the year is up, you can enroll in our full protection plan, which extends all the benefits of the warranty and ensures priority service in case of emergency. We also offer a preventative maintenance plan that includes all the benefits of the full protection plan with the exception of parts and labor–parts and labor are offered at 20% of the usual cost.

Specs on available models:

ModelCooling BTUsEERCooling AmpsFits Sleeve Size (in)
EZ07A1167,0009.586.7614 19/64
EZ07A2167,0009.683.314 19/64
EZ07A3166,8009.413.714 19/64
EZ09A1169,50010.058.7614 19/64
EZ09A2169,5009.634.3814 19/64
EZ09A3169,3009.434.8514 19/64
EZ12A11612,2009.7811.6614 19/64
EZ12A21612,2009.195.8314 19/64
EZ12A31612,2009.046.4514 19/64

Stanley Ruth understands every customer has their own unique priorities. That’s why we stock HVAC units from the four industry-leading brands. Each offers models with different strengths that some customers may value more than others. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will analyze each client’s unique preferences and the intricacies of their homes, and recommend the perfect model.

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