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(718) 993-4000 Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
287 Walton Avenue Bronx, New York 10451
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History and Timeline

Founded at the turn of the last century, Stanley Ruth is one of the oldest family-run businesses in the United States. What started as a modest clock-repair shop in Queens in the 1890s has blossomed into New York’s premier heating and air conditioning company.

In our hundred-plus years of operation, we’ve specialized in clock, TV and radio repair and electrical contracting before finding our niche with thru-the-wall HVAC systems. The one constant has been our commitment to providing white glove service, ensuring you remain comfortable and at ease in your home.

Take a look at how we got here:


The Stanley Ruth Company begins when founder Edward Ruth, Jr. purchases JM Rousseau Electrical Contractors and Supply for $350.00.


The Stanley Ruth Company expands from clock sales and repair to radio and electrical contracting. The growth spurt prompts the first company move from East 57th Street to a larger space on Madison Avenue.


With the advent of television, Stanley Ruth branches incorporate TV sales and repair into the business. It’s not long before we outgrow our space on Madison Avenue for an office on First Avenue.


Stanley Ruth begins to dabble in the burgeoning air condition industry.


Hospitals discover that centralized air conditioning systems circulate germs and viruses throughout their buildings. There is a need to replace these systems with a self-contained unit in each room. Stanley Ruth converts the first of what will be over 40 hospitals from centralized air to individual thru-the-wall HVAC units.


Hotels jump on the thru-the-wall HVAC bandwagon after they discover untold amounts of money are being wasted with their central air, cooling rooms that could go months without a guest. Stanley Ruth provided an option that was cheaper and afforded more control. We would outfit over 50 hotels with thru-the-wall HVAC systems. The fruits of our labor can still be seen on hotel exteriors today.


As Stanley Ruth starts to focus exclusively on HVAC systems, a larger warehouse is needed to accommodate our growing needs. We make yet another company move from First Avenue to 121st Street in Harlem.


Prestige addresses along Park and 5th Avenues start to form the backbone of Stanley Ruth, servicing full buildings and individual residences. Some things will never change and the pleasure of an unobstructed view of Central Park is one of them.


By the 1980s, Stanley Ruth is firmly established as the most dependable source of thru the wall HVAC service and installation in New York. Having worked in pre-war townhouses and exclusive high rises, our company name is synonymous with trust and service.


Company’s final move to distinctive green building on Walton Avenue just across the Harlem River in the Bronx where we remain today.


JP Morgan Chase recognizes Stanley Ruth Company as one of their few 100-year clients. In a special ceremony, bank president Jamie Dimon personally thanks to Stanley Ruth on behalf one of America’s oldest banking institutions, paying tribute to Stanley Ruth—one of its oldest clients.