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Stanley Ruth’s HVAC Installation Overview

Stanley Ruth’s HVAC Installation Process

As one of the oldest family-run businesses in the New York metropolitan area, Stanley Ruth has spent the past century building relationships with those we serve. Our name is built on the trust of our customers, many of whom have been with us for generations. We believe our success is based just as much on our status as pioneers in the HVAC industry as it is our commitment to quality, white glove service.

At Stanley Ruth, HVAC installation is not a one-size-fits-all enterprise. We tailor every facet of our operation to each individual client and this has cemented our status as the most reliable name in the industry. That begins with making sure our customers understand of the process of how we can improve their degree of comfort in their own homes.

Thru-Wall Hole-Cutting In NYC

radiator-removal-nycWhy block a million-dollar view with a thousand-dollar piece of machinery? Through-wall home cooling systems offer an efficient, aesthetically pleasing alternative to the typical window unit frequently seen hanging off the sides of Manhattan apartment buildings. While they come in a wide range of options, the common denominator is they all require an outlet from your home’s interior to its exterior.

This requires what’s called a through-wall hole-cut: an outlet leading from your apartment’s interior to your building’s exterior where an HVAC or PTAC unit can be inserted. This is like performing open-heart surgery on your home and needs to be handled with the utmost precision and care. Stanley Ruth has been specializing in this type of construction in residential spaces for over fifty years. It doesn’t matter if you live in a modern high rise or a historic brownstone, we’ve done countless installs in buildings of every kind.

Through-Wall Sleeves

Every building is a little bit different–some have thicker walls, others have additional layers of insulation. That’s why our shop mechanics create wall sleeves–sometimes called a chassis–that will surround and support the weight of your new HVAC system. This is an essential element of your HVAC system because it prevents leaks and structural damage to your building. If it’s not handled correctly, your HVAC unit can cause serious problems–not just for your apartment but for your building as a whole.

Cabinets and Louvers

exterior-masonryThe last piece to the puzzle is the carpentry, which conceals your thru-the-wall A/C in such a way that integrates it seamlessly with the design of your home. There are countless options for how to accomplish this ranging from wooden cabinetry to angled slats called louvers. We work with an accomplished roster of architects and interior designers or can collaborate with one you have worked with previously.

Steam Coils & Pipe Fitting

pipe-fitting-steam-coilsMost legacy buildings in New York City are outfitted with either steam or gas heat. While it’s a great system that ensures nearly every apartment in the city has heat in the winter, it does not afford residents much control over their environment. It tends to either blast heat indiscriminately or it is conspicuously absent when it’s the coldest.

With an HVAC system installed by Stanley Ruth, customers have the option to gain control over their home heating systems. By connecting steam coils to your air conditioning unit, it allows warm air to be piped into the system and distributed with the same degree of control it does with cold air. This adds a step to the installation process, where our mechanics attach the HVAC unit to the radiator through a process called “pipe fitting.”

Our People

A through-the-wall HVAC unit is only as good as the people who install it. Our seasoned crew of field technicians, shop mechanics and sales engineers carry decades of HVAC experience with them on every job and have honed their craft so thoroughly that nothing catches them off guard. Our team members tend to stay with us for decades and in many cases the entire duration of their professional careers.

Field Techniciansfield-technicians
Field technicians are Stanley Ruth’s representatives on the roads and in your homes. They run in two-person installation crews and carry a minimum of a decade of experience between them. Their knowledge base is the most extensive in the industry so you can rest assured your home is in the best hands possible.

Shop Mechanics
Shop mechanics handle the HVAC units off site. They make any upgrades or personalized modifications you may have requested and construct each individual through-wall sleeve that is inserted during installation. With Stanley Ruth, your personalized experience doesn’t end after face-to-face contact–it extends to the physical hardware installed in your home.

Sales Engineershvac-sales-engineer
HVAC installation is a highly specialized field that requires a deep background knowledge. Our sales engineers are unique in that they have experience working in the field and the shop, with a complete understanding of the installation process from top to bottom. Our sales engineers rely on their hard-earned expertise, guiding our customers through HVAC jargon, helping them arrive at the most informed decisions.

AC Equipment Add-Ons and Modifications

  • Moisture Sensors—With climate control systems of any kind, water leaks and overflow is always a risk. But a with the addition of a small moisture sensor inside, your system can automatically turn off before a leak could potentially damage floor, rugs or valuable artwork.
  • Remote Thermostats—Stanley Ruth offers two options for integrating your HVAC system wirelessly. Both provide the capability to control your thermostat remotely via your smartphone.
  • Supplementary Electric Heat In New York City, the cutoff between fall and winter is notoriously difficult to predict. Some years temperatures will drop below freezing in September, other years might see a 70-degree day in November. Most buildings don’t turn on their boilers until October. Supplementary electric heat can be added to each of our air conditioning units and ensures you won’t be stuck in the cold before your building’s heat turns on.

Get comfortable. Stay comfortable.

Stanley Ruth’s priority has always been the sustained comfort of our clients. Our work doesn’t just end when our technicians leave your home–it continues as your through-the-wall HVAC system functions properly, out of sight and out of mind.

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