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HVAC PTAC Replacements

PTAC Replacements

PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning) air conditioners are a type of self-contained heating and a/c system that are commonly found in Manhattan. Commonly installed in window walls, masonry walls or other thru-wall openings, a full installation typically requires the following:

  • Louvers
  • Sleeve
  • Heating coil (optional)
  • PTAC Unit
  • Enclosure

When it comes to upgrading your air conditioning system, Stanley Ruth understands every customer has their own unique priorities. That’s why we stock HVAC units from the four industry-leading brands. Each offers models with different strengths that some customers may come to value more than others. Through our process, Stanley Ruth’s knowledgeable and experienced staff and sales engineers will analyze each client’s unique preferences, the intricacies of their homes, and recommend the perfect model.

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Specializing in McQuay Replacements

For more than 50 years, McQuay Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and Heat Pump (PTHP) products set the standard for New York City and dominated the market for PTAC A/C units. Featuring quality workmanship, a long service life, low noise and decibel output, and overall high performance.

In early March, 2014, McQuay formally announced it was discontinuing their legacy PTAC product lines. As McQuay installation specialists, Stanley Ruth moved quickly to find the best performing units that be able to replace the outgoing product lines.

Looking for the best replacement for an old McQuay unit?