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5 Things to Look for in a New York City HVAC Company

There’s no denying the beauty of winter in New York City. When the days grow short and festive lights start to twinkle, the Big Apple can take your breath away. It’s not for the faint-hearted though, as NYC is also known for its cold snaps. It’s why your home and heating system needs a New York City HVAC company it can trust.

Whether you’ve got a brand new HVAC system or a cranky unit in need of repair, winter maintenance is essential. Regular servicing could save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs. It prevents minor problems (clogged filters, dirty coils, etc.) from developing into costly breakdowns by spotting them early.

Here are five things to look for when hiring a New York City HVAC company for servicing and maintenance.

The Right Certifications
You have the right to see an HVAC company’s certifications and licenses. It’s why many providers publish the information on their website. Take a look there first. A reliable HVAC company is always happy to discuss the levels of training, types of jobs completed and whether services are compliant with industry standards. If you don’t ask for evidence of industry certification, it’s hard to be sure of the quality of arranged repairs.

General Liability Insurance
Before agreeing to hire any New York City HVAC company, check its contractors are insured. Again, this is something you can ask for evidence of; the trustworthy maintenance providers are covered by general liability insurance. It protects your home in the unlikely event of damage caused by HVAC repairs or other work. If the company you hire is protected, so is your home.

Local Business Address
HVAC care is an ongoing process, particularly in winter. So try to work with a company that’s local to you. The season is tough on heating components and if you have any concerns about general health it’s best to address them right away. You’ll want to be close to a provider in case you need emergency help. If your HVAC system hasn’t been serviced in a while, the chance of a breakdown is higher. Pick a solid, physical business address you can trust.

Great Customer Service
Browsing customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to familiarise yourself with a company’s reputation. Look online for reports of friendly service, punctual appointments, and fuss-free installations. New York is a city that talks. You need only do a little digging to find out what people really think of an HVAC provider.

No ‘Before the Job’ Estimates
The best HVAC companies in New York are those that understand the complexity of domestic heating systems. They know all homes are unique. Two customers with the same HVAC product may experience very different maintenance needs. You can spot a reliable provider by their reluctance to give estimates over the phone. They’ll want to inspect, touch, observe and even smell your system before making a diagnosis.
For further advice on HVAC repairs and maintenance, visit Stanley Ruth. With a century of great service to its name, there’s nobody more qualified to take care of New York homes this winter! Call (718) 993-4000 to speak to a friendly advisor.